Last Sunday, the Youth Ambassadors of Change met at Hampden Park for the first Scottish FA Youth Congress. 

Supported by UEFA and Scottish FA Board and staff, the project involves 20 diverse young people between the ages of 16-25. 

Each will work as part of the Scottish FA to actively provide an opportunity for young people in Scotland to meaningfully contribute to the business management of Scottish football. 

This is a creative platform for young people to be involved in decisions affecting them.

The Ambassadors have committed to two years of volunteering and will contribute to a variety of projects sourced by themselves or in partnership with their Scottish FA business area that will improve the experience for children and young people in Scottish football.

At Congress Scottish FA Chief Executive Stewart Regan welcomed the youngsters to the Association, introducing them to the Scottish FA strategy, future goals and the part they can play.

Stewart also took questions from the floor in order to build an understanding with the Ambassadors. 

From here it was out onto the stands of Hampden for a team photograph with Stewart and UEFA guest Sara Holmgren.

Sara Holmgren, UEFA Education and Diversity Programme Assistant, shared the UEFA journey of diversity and inclusion with the Ambassadors and their place as one of the three Captains of Change projects that UEFA has invested in.

All Ambassadors have already spent valuable time within the Association becoming familiar with the day-to-day operational activities and each shared their experience and learning so far. 

They now look ahead to the Scottish FA Congress which will take place on 14th February where the Chair and Vice-Chair of the Youth Congress will be in attendance. 

This will allow a valuable insight to what is important on the football agenda around the world and how and where they may benefit Scottish football for young people.

The emphasis is on change and how can they do this in a meaningful way while supporting and developing football.