At just three years old, Erin Cuthbert was introduced to football and hasn’t looked back since.


Kicking the ball back and forth with her Papa inspired her early on and after joining Kilwinning Rangers girls at a young age she has always aimed high.


Under tutelage from her Dad, Erin’s dreams of donning the dark blue began to become more realistic the older she became.


Sat at home, watching the women’s Euro 2013 three years ago, and meeting her heroes such as Jo Love, Kim Little and Julie Fleeting, Cuthbert could only dream of her latest achievements but she is now riding a wave, excited about potentially making her home debut tomorrow night in Livingston against The Netherlands.


The 18-year-old Glasgow City midfielder said: “I started playing when I was very young, with my Papa, booting the ball against the wall.


“From the beginning I always had aspirations to play professionally and I knew it was more than just a hobby.


“As I’ve got older I’ve become more passionate about it and it’s only increased my focus to be professional and play for the national team.


“I used to go to the ‘A’ squad games and I’ve got a picture of Jo Love signing an autograph for me.


“I was the number one fan when I was younger and remember being the mascot. 


“Kim Little and Julie Fleeting were my heroes growing up and with Julie being from Ayrshire too, she was the star who everyone wanted to be like.


“She played for Kilwinning like me and she was all I wanted to be when I was younger.


“It’s a bit weird that I now play alongside her at Glasgow City and I think she knows I used to fan girl over her.”


Erin made her Scotland debut earlier this year in a 1-0 win over Belarus and recently captained the under-19s in two wins over Albania and Cyprus, scoring five goals in the process.


“The under-19s is a great experience and it’s a magnificent honour to captain your country, no matter what age group,” she said.


“There’s a huge amount of responsibility that comes with that and I’ve improved my leadership and communication skills because of that.”


Tomorrow Erin is eying her first home appearance in the dark blue and is aiming to impress Anna Signeul with Euro 2017 on the horizon.


Having watched the competition when she was younger, Cuthbert is eager to play her part next summer as preparations for the tournament get underway.


She said:  “I remember watching the women’s Euros on the TV just a few years ago so the fact I could be a part of it now is something I’ve got to aim for.


“Making my debut in Belarus was an unbelievable experience. The intensity is so much higher than I’m used to and it will only help improve me as a player.


“This is a big opportunity for me and I’ll be ready if required. All I want to do is make a contribution to the squad and it’s a really exciting time to be involved, as there’s such a good atmosphere in the camp.


 “It’s not been easy to get to this stage and it’s required a lot of hard work but it’s been a great learning experience to be training with these idols and I’m wanting more.”


Her family have played an integral part in her development thus far and she is looking forward to seeing them in the stands tomorrow evening.


“My family are coming to the game which means a lot. My Dad couldn’t make it across to Belarus which was sad as he’s been there from day one as well as my Papa.


“It would be nice for him to see me on the pitch, or even just warming up in the Scotland kit. They will be proud as punch.


“I stayed with my Papa a lot when I was growing up and he’s played a massive part in my education as he helped me read and write so being called up for Scotland again makes me massively proud as I know he will be too.”


Scotland take on the Netherlands at the Tony Macaroni Arena, Livingston, tomorrow night, kick-off 7pm with entry only £5 for adults and £2 for concessions.