The Scottish FA’s East Region team, led by Regional Manager Kevin Lee, has a bold vision for the future of football in the area. With the move to a new and larger office it provides the organisation with the space for regional development and which should signify the start of another incredibly positive time for aspiring footballers in the east.

The team has a variety of aims set out, the most obvious of which is to increase participation in the sport. There are, of course, numerous ways for this to be achieved such as increased coverage, club and league expansion and creating new opportunities to play. One particularly eye catching initiative Kevin Lee and the rest of the team are keen to encourage is that of futsal, a variant of five-a-side originating in South America and is one of the fastest growing games worldwide. The game is designed to embrace the fast-paced, skill based indoor alternative to the traditional game. The Scottish FA supports in the running of adult futsal leagues in Dundee and Perth and a national Vauxhall Schools Futsal Programme at Secondary Schools.

Building an attractive modern game is also key to the East Region team’s plans. Kevin Lee stated that he wants to ‘increase the number of clubs with access to their own facilities either by ownership or leasing venues’. The news that Letham Community Sports Club are currently constructing a 3G pitch with the expected completion date being in September is hugely encouraging and a forward step in providing facilities for the area.

Furthermore the Scottish FA East Region team aims to support the development of clubs, via skilled coaches and an increase in the volunteer workforce, through a newly formed club learning and development framework. Regional Manager Kevin Lee particularly emphasized developments with women’s coaching with 3 female coaches ‘currently doing their B Licenses’.  Increasing the number of Ethnic Minority groups involved in the People’s game is also key and is spelt out in the Scottish FA’s Equity Strategy.

Finally, increasing the number of talented players from the East Region is also vital. A number of significant procedures are being put in place to ensure the women’s game grows as much as the men’s game, something Kevin Lee is very keen to promote. Girls and Women’s Development Officer, Samantha Milne, outlined that the number of girls playing football during her time at the Scottish FA had ‘risen from a few hundred to around 1300 to 1400 girls’. Understandably with increased participation such as this the likelihood of unearthing better talent is far greater. These efforts in relation to both male and female football will help make the East Region as strong as it can possibly be.

All in all the vision of the Scottish FA is clear: to grow our national game through developing a culture of improved performances at all levels, taking the game to a wider audience and expanding on the benefit, enjoyment and value that football can bring to everyone across Scotland. The move to the new Regional Office is a hugely positive step in advancing the game within the East Region.

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