Football and rugby combined forces as part of a Positive Coaching Scotland (PCS) event held at Hampden Park.
Key speakers included Chris McCart, Head of Youth at Celtic, and Gregor Townsend, Glasgow Warriors Head Coach, who address coaches across Scottish football and rugby on the topic of developing better players and better people through PCS.
Martin Miller, Celtic’s Junior Academy Manager, and Gordon Lyon, from Scottish Rugby, also spoke.

The event focussed on club culture, and how coaches work to develop a positive learning environment based on respect, hard work, learning, resilience and confidence at their clubs.
Stuart Grieve, PCS Programme Manager, said: “We were fortunate to secure some first-class speakers for the event who shared their experiences of developing a club culture in line with the PCS programme.
“I think it’s important for coaches to see what club culture looks like and learn from different sports.  The audience heard first-hand what goes on at the likes of Celtic and Glasgow Warriors, two of the biggest names in club football and rugby in Scotland.
“It was a real insight into what goes on at these clubs every day and I believe many of their coaching practices can be applied into grassroots clubs.”
PCS aims to create a culture in Scotland where young players are developed in a positive, safe environment, where young people learn to win through effort and learn valuable life lessons. The programme works with club leaders, coaches, parents and players to support all these people to work to the same principles.
Stuart added: “Our key goal is to help create a more attractive, modern game.
“We want to help clubs create an environment that will engage young people, as well as their parents and families.
“In football, there are often pressures on kids to win at all costs which can be detrimental to a player’s development.
“We want to combat that and create a culture that will help players to learn. We believe coaches have the power to shape young players' understanding of "success", and this understanding is critical to their development. If a young player is taught to find success in their efforts to achieve goals, to master skills and to improve performance, and if they learn to be resilient and respond positively to mistakes, they will ultimately succeed.”
The Scottish FA piloted the PCS programme with the Winning Scotland Foundation between 2008 and 2010.
It was then rolled out nationally in partnership with sportscotland and has since engaged Scottish Rugby, who now deliver their own PCS programme.
Grieve added: “When you are trying to change culture, it takes time.
“That’s why it’s great to have the support of the Scottish FA, Winning Scotland Foundation and sportscotland as they recognise this as a long-term initiative.
“The programme is part of the Scottish FA’s ‘Scotland United: A 2020 Vision’ plan and the One National Plan strategy aimed at grassroots football, which demonstrates just how important it is to the future of the game.
“All clubs have a culture and we want to help them drive their own and develop a strong club identity where kids can come along and have a great learning experience”.

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