The Positive Coaching Scotland (PCS) programme has become an integral part of grassroots football in the Scottish FA’s South East region.

PCS' vision is a football culture in Scotland where young players are developed in a positive, safe environment, where they learn to win through effort and where valuable life lessons are taught.

The Scottish FA has implemented the PCA philosophy throughout all of its grassroots programmes.

In the South East, a total of 426 people have attended 18 PCS workshops from ten * clubs and 11 clubs have pledged their support to the programme.

Explaining why he felt the PCS philosophy had been so well received in the area, David Drummond – South East regional manager for the Scottish FA – said: “We have been delivering PCS as part of our coach education courses for the last couple of years and with nearly 4,000 coaches having attended during that time, they should all know and understand what the programme stands for.

“Ultimately for me though, clubs have really embraced the PCS programme because they want to create a better environment for everyone at their club.

“They want to provide a place for young people to come and learn how to play the game and have fun while doing it, without fear or making a mistake - that's how our young players will learn.”
The determination for PCS to become an integral part of the game in Scotland was highlighted when the Non- Professional Game Board decided it was mandatory for the philosophy to be part of a club that wished to gain the Quality Mark accreditation.

David Sheldon, club development manager for the South East regional team, said: “It is something new and fresh and has offered an opportunity to look at how to improve the game.

“Without doubt, the clubs in South East buy into a lot of good development work and the PCS is no different. The attitude of our club coaches and members to improve the environment of the game is excellent.”

Asked how he feels the PCS programme can shape football in the region, David Drummond said: “The Positive Coaching Scotland programme is about changing the culture within football.

“Too often we see children and young players turned off from the game by overly enthusiastic and sometimes overly aggressive adults.

“We want clubs to create an environment where mistakes are OK as this is how players will learn.  We want players to learn how to play the game properly, not just to win it.

“If we can get players to play the game properly where they are constantly learning from their mistakes, winning will come as a by-product of this."

*Spartans FC
 Pentcaitland YFC
 Aberlady FC
 Haddington FC
 Lochend FC
 Preston Athletic
 Linlithgow Rose CFC
 Dalkeith Miners CYP
 Murieston United CFC
 Polbeth United

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