The Scottish FA will cast its vote for Gianni Infantino at the forthcoming FIFA Presidential Election in Zurich.

The Board of the Scottish FA supports his bid to become FIFA President after reviewing the manifestos of all candidates.

Stewart Regan, the Scottish FA Chief Executive, Alan McRae, the President and Rod Petrie, the Vice-President, will travel to Switzerland tomorrow to represent the association at Friday’s election and the President will cast the vote in favour of the Swiss, who is currently the General Secretary of European football's governing body, UEFA.

During the process of identifying a preferred candidate, the Scottish FA Board also consulted with the wider Scottish football family via the Congress meeting in February. Congress includes representatives from league bodies and affiliates, PFA Scotland, Supporters Direct Scotland, Coaches and Managers' Association, sportscotland, Scottish Senior Football Referees Association and Scottish Football Writers' Association.

Infantino was also considered to be the preferred choice among the majority of Congress members during a discussion forum which followed a review of the candidates' manifestos.

Stewart Regan, Scottish FA Chief Executive: "The Board of the Scottish FA is clear that Gianni Infantino is the best candidate possible to lead the governance reform required at FIFA. He has been a highly respected General Secretary of UEFA for many years and has performed that role with skill, diplomacy and professional integrity.

“As well as having the support of the majority of UEFA's national associations, he also has the support of many across the world in other Confederations. We believe he has the leadership qualities required to push forward change at world football's governing body and for those reasons we will be voting for Gianni Infantino."