In light of the study issued by the University of Stirling in relation to the impact of heading a football, the Scottish FA have issued the following statement:


Dr John A Maclean, Scotland National Team doctor and Medical Advisor to the Scottish FA: “The Scottish FA remains committed to ensuring the health and well-being of all who play football in Scotland, from recreational to professional players of all ages, both male and female.


“Together with other sporting governing bodies and the Scottish Government, the Scottish FA launched the first national consensus guidelines for the management of concussion in grassroots sport in 2015 and this group will review these guidelines following an international meeting of experts later this year.


“In addition, we fully support the ‘Graduated Return to Play’ guidelines for all levels of the game, emphasising the need for both cognitive and physical rest, especially in young players and the need to be symptom-free before returning to activity.


“The Scottish FA have an ongoing educational programme for doctors and physiotherapists working in sport and teach both an advanced pitch-care course and the National Sports First Aid course to those working in sport – both of which include the recognition and management of head injury in sport.


“As always, we respect the guidance received from national and international experts in this area and will look at the current University of Stirling study in greater detail with our medical advisory team.”