The Scottish FA has invited football fans across the country – and the Scotland National Team head Coaches – to join the biggest online quiz of the shutdown.

The Big Scottish Football Quiz will kick off at 8pm this Friday, 10 April, and enable fans to get their football fix during the indefinite Scottish football shutdown due to COVID-19.

It will be hosted by one of the country’s top comedians, Ray Bradshaw, and will also include famous faces from across football, sport and entertainment.

Ian Maxwell, the Scottish FA Chief Executive, has signed-up to take part and has recruited Steve Clarke and Shelley Kerr to put their football knowledge to the test alongside the rest of the Scottish football fan base.

The questions have been compiled by football experts and includes a special round contributed by popular podcast teams across the country, including Open Goal, led by Simon Ferry. There will be rounds on General Knowledge, Scotland National Teams, Scottish Cup and the Picture Round.

The quiz will be open to the first 5000 people who join through a public link, which will be live from 7.40pm across Scottish FA channels. There will be prizes up for grabs too, from signed Scotland shirts to tickets for Scotland’s Nations League Play-Off semi-final fixture against Israel.

Chief Executive Ian Maxwell: “In these uncertain times, it is crucial to stay connected with one another and keep our spirits high.

“There is no substitute for the real thing, but on Friday night fans across the country will be able to unite over our love for football. Hopefully this will be a small but competitive distraction – and obviously one that I want to win.”

Scotland Head Coach Steve Clarke: “Football plays an important role in keeping people motivated and entertained during the lockdown and I’m glad to take part – broadband speed permitting! While it’s a bit of fun for us all to enjoy I’m sure people’s competitive streaks will come out, albeit from the safety of the living room.”

SWNT Head Coach Shelley Kerr: “With no imminent football matches to prepare for it is important, not just for our players but for everybody, to remain healthy both physically and mentally. It is not an exaggeration to suggest that social events are so important during these socially distant times.

“I look forward to participating on Friday night alongside thousands of football fans. While it only increases my desire to see football return in full, it will give me a welcome football fix this weekend.”

Ray Bradshaw: “We’re all missing football at the moment. I feel lost without games at the weekend but I’m starting to imagine the excitement and anticipation for those first fixtures on the other side.

“That’s why Friday’s fix of football is going to be what everyone needs. It’s going to be great fun hosting The Big Scottish Football Quiz and I can already say with confidence that it’s going to be fiercely competitive.

“A live leader board, prizes and above all else a reason to talk about the game. What more could you ask for?”

Mark your diaries and don’t miss The Big Scottish Football Quiz this Friday at 8pm.

How Does It Work?

  • The quiz is five rounds of multiple choice questions.
  • You will need to be quick in selecting your answer, as you only have a limited amount of time before the correct answer is revealed and you move on to the next question.
  • Our host, Ray Bradshaw, will be reading out the questions on the live stream at the same time as you answer via our quiz platform.
  • We recommend you watch the quiz on one device and answer questions on another. If you are using a computer to take part you could have both windows open on your screen.
  • The quiz will be shown on Scotland National Team YouTube and Facebook pages, along with the Scottish FA Twitter.
  • To answer the quiz questions, you will need to open and use the quiz link, which will be shared shortly before the quiz begins.